SwordArt MapleStory V83                                                   Best Customed V83                                               

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Owner :`G. (Gerald)
Co Owner(s) : Vendetta (Patrick) , Luxi(Kai Jie)
Head GM: Pikachu(Qiang)

Join us now at SwordArtMS and get ready to have some fun as we are gonna be the best!!! It is the most customed Version 83 MapleStory Private Server ever made!!

Features of our servers! :
- Customed NPCs
-Event made anytime by GMs
-High birth rate
-Training rooms in our Free Market( Room 16 to 22)
-Friendly Environment
-Coded nicely , many customed items
-PVP rooms at room 1
-Many nice commands

Forums are now open , apply for GM now before its too late!

Join us now and you will not regret!! We look forward to seeing you in the server soon